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Problems for May 26, 2021

As Far from Land as Possible

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Given an n x n grid containing only values 0 and 1, where 0 represents water and 1 represents land, find a water cell such that its distance to the nearest land cell is maximized, and return the distance. If no land or water exists in the grid, return -1.

The distance used in this problem is th...

Find The Town Judge

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In a town, there are n people labelled from 1 to n. There is a rumor that one of these people is secretly the town judge.

If the town judge exists, then:

  • The town judge trusts nobody.
  • Everybody (except for the town judge) trusts the town judge.
  • There is exactly one person that satisfie...

Number of Islands

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Given an m x n 2D binary grid grid which represents a map of '1's (land) and '0's (water), return the number of islands.

An island is surrounded by water and is formed by connecting adjacent lands horizontally or vertically.
You may assume all four edges of the grid are all surrounde...