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Warm up: Behavioral & Understanding Questions ... Pair up with a partner (groups of 2 only, preferrably someone you don't know well) and take turns asking each other one behavioral question. When the first to answer finishes the behavioral question, swap roles and ask the other behavioral question. The same process will occurr for the understanding questions.

A useful technique to answering behavioral questions is the S.T.A.R technique. Try to see if you can use the S.T.A.R technique when being asked a behavioral question. Here are the behavioral questions to ask each other:

  1. Can you describe a stressful situation and how you handled it?
  2. Have you ever made a mistake? How did you handle it?

    Once each partner has answered the behavioral question, move on to the understanding questions below:

  3. List 1 or 2 types of debugging techniques and one advantage and disadvantage to each.
  4. Explain the difference between two different data structures (ie Array and LinkedList).

Remember: In an interview, it is okay to not know the answer. Interviewers (most likely) would rather you answer honestly and ask any questions that you may have about their question before answering.

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Main activity:

This week we are going to go to the computers and visit to work on a problem, then stand up and perform a Code Review (CR) on someone elses code. You may bounce ideas off of the people around you while you work through the problem, but you should not perform a CR on anyone that you worked with's code. Copy and paste the following link to get to the problem:

LeetCode Problem

Write as much as you can in the time allotted, it is okay if you cannot get your program into a successful compilation/run state; this exercise is more focused on reviewing other's written code and articulating in which ways it could be improved/made more clear. We will work on this for 10-15 min before swapping and looking at someone else's code.