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Conga Line Removal


The night is getting late and the party is winding down. The conga line is losing its groove and a group of friends decide that they'd like to leave the line and head home.

Given linked list L which represents a conga line, and an array F of friends leaving the line, return a new linked list suc


Merge Sorted Linked Lists


Given k sorted linked lists in an array, merge them all into one single linked list that is also sorted.

Lists: [1->4->5,
Merging them into one sorted list:

Input type (Lists): Array[] Output type: Node

Node implementation:

class Node:...

Reverse Linked List


Given a linked list, reverse it!

Before: 1->4->5->2
After: 2->5->4->1

Number of nodes in a list are between 0 and 100
Nodes only contain integers
Given a node, return the head node of the reversed list

Not exactly sure where this lands on the difficulty sca...