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Score After Flipping Matrix


We have a two dimensional matrix A where each value is 0 or 1.

A move consists of choosing any row or column, and toggling each value in that row or column: changing all 0s to 1s, and all 1s to 0s.

After making any number of moves, every row of this matrix is interpreted as a binary number, and the score of the matrix is the sum of these numbers.

Return the highest possible score.

Example 1:

Input: [[0,0,1,1],[1,0,1,0],[1,1,0,0]] Output: 39 Explanation: Toggled to [[1,1,1,1],[1,0,0,1],[1,1,1,1]]. 0b1111 + 0b1001 + 0b1111 = 15 + 9 + 15 = 39