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Coding Challenge 6

Oh no! There's been another disaster in the triangle optimization lab. The lab was once again flooded with a large number of random coordinates. Thanks to your quick thinking last time, your supervisor feels comfortable leaving you alone. Quickly before they come back, can you fix this new problem?

This time, your job is to return the coordinates of the 3D triangle with the smallest perimeter from the given mess of coordinates. The person who submits the coordinates of the 3D triangle with the lowest perimeter will win the challenge.

By 3D triangle, we mean a triangle made up of 3 points in 3D space (i.e 3 coordinate points for each point ex. (24, 25, 26))

Input file can be copied from here

Submission Rules:

  • Submissions must be sent to with the subject "WBC Coding Challenge 6" and have the program attached.
  • Submissions received MUST come be from a Western email (ending in
  • Submissions will be tested with the input file ("cc6input.txt") in the same directory as the submitted program.
  • Submissions must be able run without arguments (all file opening and reading must happen in the program).
  • Allowed programming languages: Java, Python, C/C#/C++.
  • Individual and group participation is welcome (only one gift card will be awarded to winning submission).

    Happy coding!