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Coding Challenge Five

Oh no! There's been a disaster in the triangle optimization lab. The lab was flooded with a large number of random coordinates. Quickly, before the supervisor coems back, can you help?

Your job is to return the coordinates of the triangle with the smallest perimeter from the given mess of coordi...

Coding Challenge Four

As you stumble your way through the rugged terrain of the Patagonian Desert you find yourself upon a very curious situation. Some ways off in the distance you see a gathering of all kinds of animals. After some timely observation you realize that all of these animals are working together to make i...

Coding Challenge Three

You come upon a very unusual sight; a group of programs here appear to be dancing.

There are sixteen programs in total, named a through p. They start by standing in a line: a stands in position 0, b stands in position 1, and so on until p, which stands in position 15.

The progr...